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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Concord shouldn't be so strong

I was talking today with my good friend Condo. During this conversation he mentioned the following:

"Concord shouldn't be so military should be able to best concord..blow their ship up and then run. You should be hit with negative 10...but you should still be able to kill Concord"

What do you my fellow readers think??
Comments are welcome.


  1. It used to be that way. Then CONCORD got stronger :(

  2. That would be really, really interesting. Then, after enough attacks, CONCORD could occupy a few low-sec systems to go after the attackers. They could intercept all traffic going in and out of the system and blow those ships up that they suspect are supplying the attackers with arms and ammo. They could launch special operations into neighboring null-sec to kill high value targets. They could even use a cyno drop on the really big ones that are several jumps into null-sec. All the while, their ships run the risk of being taken down by anyone. They might even have to leave some juicy loot behind because a ship became disabled and couldn't jump back. Yeah, I'd love to see CONCORD weakened! :p